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In a career that spans over two decades, DJ Marky has gone from an avid record collector and music enthusiast in his native Brazil to an internationally revered DJ, producer and label owner. From igniting dancefloors across the globe to releasing some of the most seminal drum and bass tracks ever to see wax, he continues to amass an unsurpassable list of achievements, all driven by his dedication, phenomenal technical skills and unique flair. Retaining the same passion for music as the day that it all started, Marky remains at the forefront of not just the drum and bass scene, but the music world at large.





DJ Marky EU / Asia Dates

August 22, 2014
DJ Marky is back in the EU area over August and September. Please check out the full list of dates below:  
dj marky innerground movement detroit dj 2014

DJ Marky's Set from Movement Detroit 2014

August 21, 2014
Listen back to DJ Marky's set at Movement Detroit 2014 here.
Sun and Bass Festival 2014 Curators

Sun and Bass Festival 2014 Curators

August 26, 2014
This years edition of Sun and Bass saw a new concept introuduced, with a selected group of DJs curatiing their own lineups for one of the nights of...