Samurai Music

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Samurai Music is a drum and bass label, owned and directed by New Zealander Geoff Wright aka DJ Presha. Now into his sixteenth year of promoting and DJing Drum and Bass Music, Presha is a firm favourite on the global Drum and Bass scene with his podcasts and mixes being downloaded in the thousands in all corners of the globe. 


Launched in 2007, the label has grown steadily into one of the most respected, consistently quality labels on the international Drum and Bass scene. Artists that have released music on Samurai Music and its deeper, more experimental offshoot Samurai Red Seal include Calibre, Marcus Intalex, Dub Phizix & Skeptical, Klute, ASC, Paradox, Loxy & Resound, Lynx, The Upbeats, Trei, Tokyo Prose, Villem, Nymfo, Synkro, Consequence, Cern, Dose, Menace, Mosus & S.P.Y, & Zero T, with many more exciting additions to the roster for 2013.


The Samurai Music label releases have always been distinctive for their high quality art design and special vinyl packages, a vital component of what makes the labels unique along with the essential music contained in every carefully selected release whether the artist is a newcomer or  a relatively big name.


Originally created with NZ Drum and Bass producers as the core focus, Samurai Music has gone on to grow into a fully international label that now has extra power to promote new artists from New Zealand on the global market.


2013 sees 3 labels thriving under the Samurai umbrella with offshoots 'Samurai Red Seal' & 'Samurai Horo' devoted to deeper, and more experimental music. 

Representing a full spectrum view of 170 BPM based electronica notably wider than any other imprint in the scene, Samurai Music strives to remain on the cutting edge of the Drum and Bass soundscape and to build organically into the future as a consistent sign of quality.




Samurai Music nights are available to book globally with the following list of artists suggested (subject to availability and prior approval)


Presha, Calibre, Marcus Intalex, Dub Phizix, Doc Scott, Tokyo Prose, Clarity, Paradox (Live), Loxy, Indigo, Skeptical, Ena, Felix K, J:Kenzo,  Kiyoko (Live) Sam KDC, Overlook, Ruffhouse, Pessimist, Nymfo, Cern, Fre4knc, SP:MC, MC DRS, MC LowQui, MC Fokus.



Samurai Music events and line-ups:

Sardinia @ Sun & Bass (w Kokeshi): Calibre. Presha, Alleycat, MC DRS


Mannheim @ MS Connxion: Presha, MC DRS


Sardinia @ Sun & Bass: Dub Phizix & Skeptical, Presha, Tokyo Prose, Delicat, Phil Tangent, LowQui, System


Frankfurt @ Tanzhaus West: Presha, Tokyo Prose


Ulm @ Cabaret Eden: Presha, Tokyo Prose


London @ Relay / Cable: Marcus Intalex, Klute, Break, Loxy, Skeptical, Presha, SP:MC, DRS, 2Shy


Prague @ Cross Club: Loxy, Presha


London @ Fabric: Paradox (Live), Lynx, Presha, Clarity, MC Fokus



Current and forthcoming Samurai Releases;



ASC 'Out Of Sync' LP / CD - out now

Dub Phizix & Skeptical w/ T Man & Sparkz 'Run It Like The President' / 'Half Man' - out now

Fis 'Duckdive' EP - out now

ASC 'Lost Sync' Part 1 & 2 - out now

Various 'Way Of The Samurai' Part 2 Code Of Honour - out now

Kiyoko 'Kiyoko EP'- out now

Paradox 'Scorpius' / 'Crate Logic'  - out now


Indigo - 'Reaching The Source' EP - out now

ASC - 'Polemic' 12" - out now

Fre4knc - 'Tubular' EP - out now

Genotype - 'Lessons In Depth' EP - out now

Various - 'Scope' Horo Compilation - out now

Gremlinz & Homemade Weapons - 'After Dark' EP - out now





Sam KDC 12" - Feb 2014

Tokyo Prose LP - 2014

Clarity LP - 2014

Ena LP - 2014