MC DRS album and tour news update / official video

July 19, 2012

MC DRS releases his long awaited debut album for Soul:r on 28.08.2012. "I don't usually like MCs, but..." has been produced by Dub Phizix and will be mostly Drum n Bass tracks feat. collabs with: Marcus Intalex, Calibre, dBridge, S.P.Y, Lynx, Lenzman, Enei, Fox, Riya, Jehst, Pete Simpson, Strategy, Skittles and Genotype"It’s a true account of me right now. It's diverse, which has what has kept me in love with drum and bass for so long. Producers new and old, different styles and feelings." MC DRS 2012 *


The album will be preceeded in July by a 12" single sampler feat Enei, Lenzman, Jehst & Riya - 'Count To Ten' / 'Holding On'. Check the audio for the single here and the official video for the single here or below



DRS has been an inspiration for me for many years, its a deep, thoughtfuland powerful delivery with this man, and now he's setting a newprecedent with this album, I'm proud to have been involved with thisproject as much for the man as his music." Calibre


The album launches at A Bunch Of Cuts in London on 25.08.2012 and Soul:ution in Manchester on 26.08.2012 where MC DRS will debut his new live show which features himself alongside a DJ and guest vocalists. Further shows are locked in for Nottingham, Oxford, Brighton, plus more tbc 


"When they created DRS, they broke the mould for real, he's unique to the  core, a 'one a way'" Goldie 

MC DRS has been busy in 2012 with high profile releases on Metalheadz and Critical as well as clocking serious mileage on the road as Toddla T's MC, and alongside top D'n'B and Dubstep DJ's like Calibre, Marcus Intalex, Breakage and Artwork hosting large events across the UK and Europe including many of the biggest Festivals this summer. 


"DRS is without a doubt one of my favourite MC's full stop... Always onpoint whether on stage or voicing a track. He's versatile and consistent.I'm sure this LP will give him the widespread acclaim he has longdeserved." SP:MC 


MC DRS is no stranger to live act performances having been a member of Hip Hop band Broke'n'English for some time and since this year also playing a vital part in the Toddla T Sound showcases. 


"DRS is a Badman. Badman MC, Badman Producer, Badman Illustrator...A veteran who's still on the cutting edge." Zed Bias 


MC DRS is one of the hardest working, and most talented MC's working today, this album and it's showcase promise to be the full reallisation of his diverse and deep talent. 


"DRS puts music first. He is without doubt the true artist of the mc scene.His lyrics and flow are what make him stand out. Unequalled in bothdepartments, it was always just a matter of time before he unleashed his story to the world.." Marcus Intalex 


MC DRS is available for solo bookings or for official album launch nights with guests from the roster of collaborators. Dates are available now for the MC DRS live show featuring MC DRS, guest MC's and DJ.

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