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With a reputation now stretching well over 15 years, DRS is a truly versatile MC, host, lyricist and recording artist. Cutting his teeth and touring worldwide with the legendary Good Looking label, his soulful style on the mic and honest lyrics are unmatched. He’s been an integral part of the Soul:r camp, recording tracks with Mist:ical, Calibre, Marcus Intalex, and Lynx, appearing as resident MC for Soul:ution and A Bunch of Cuts. Demonstrating the versatility and wide appeal of his unique style, he became part of the Toddla T Sound System as Toddla T's official MC. DRS has gained further recognition through repeatedly winning ‘Best MC ‘at the DNB Arena Awards. On top of all these achievements, DRS is also head of the Estate Recordings label in Manchester, part of hip-hop crew Broke’n’English, and a respected recording artist in his own right, with a massive debut LP ‘I Don't Usually Like MC's But’ to his name, and sophomore LP 'Mid Mic Crisis' released on Soul:R in 2015.


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LSB & DRS - Japan Tour 2016 Promo Mix

September 15, 2016
LSB & MC DRS have put together a promo mix ahead of their tour of Japan that kicks off this week. Check it out here.

Stamina & DRS on Rinse

August 11, 2016
Listen back to Stamina MC 's Rinse show where he's joined by MC DRS for a chat and some music.

Dub Phizix & DRS 'Do One' Official Video

March 13, 2016
Check out the video for 'Do One' from Dub Phizix ft. MC DRS. Out now on SenkaSonic!